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La Bella Donna
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United Kingdom

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La Bella Donna, Stockbridge, UK is Houses in Italy’s little sister. The concept of running a really beautiful, boutique shop in Stockbridge, Hampshire, in the heart of the Test Valley, was born whilst we were in Italy. We have come across so many stunning ladies accessories on our travels throughout Italy that it seemed to make sense to source them and import them into the UK. Jane has always been passionate about quality shoes, so that’s where we started.
After much research on the internet and asking locals, we made a short list of really high quality manufacturers, called them and made appointments to go directly to them. Our sourcing products has taken us from Milan, to Tuscany, Le Marche, Abruzzo, Naples and many other beautiful areas of Italy.  Again the ability to speak the language has proved invaluable, enabling us to get under the skin and become a ‘face’ to them. By going direct to the manufacturers we get to know them personally, build a rapport, an understanding and most importantly of all, a trust. They show us their shoes and we then select the style and choose the leather, heel height, colours and any adornments, thus making them truly unique to us. We are the only importers of our shoes in the UK. We do not re order, once a line has finished, that’s it, no more!

Our clients then feel that they have bought into something classy, unique and of high quality that isn’t being worn by everyone. Our Italian manufacturers are so proud of their heritage, their artisan ancestry that has been passed down through the generations. Most of our suppliers have a work force made up of several generations of the same family, grandparents working alongside and teaching their grandchildren, thus ensuring the continuity of style, quality and true craftsmanship. The saying ‘Made in Italy’ stands proud all over the world and is synonymous with the very best.

After shoes we explored further accessories to compliment the shoes in our boutique, beautiful handbags, fantastic hats, leather shawls, scarves, belts, gloves and jewellery. The result is a truly Italian experience, from the music playing; right down to the espresso coffee we give our clients and ‘Prosecco Club’ on a Saturday afternoon.

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